Our performance concept starts with four artists who have four different forms of artistic expression. The group understands improvisation as the art of acting within a given situation. Without a safety net, every performance is open for the present and the possible, for whatever emerges in terms of live atmospheres and live relationships. Images, sound, voice and movement converge and unfold as a three-dimensional picture which is not merely read in real time but also created in real time.

magdalena inc.+

By opening up to experimental group work, this creates levels and dimensions of interaction with autobiographical images and topics which differ strongly from the artists’ solo work.
Each project is conceived as a research workshop. Since 1998 the group has met regularly for workout phases to rehearse and investigate the dimensions of performativity. The result is the emergence of a specific vocabulary, a specific grammar that enables the participants of the group to communicate their artistic ideas and interactions in real time.
The goal of our work is to develop the art form of improvisation on a sophisticated level, to make it transparent und to set it into space before an audience.