Chrisiane Hommelsheim   CHRISTIANE HOMMELSHEIM  


Independent Artist in the fields of
Performance, Video and Installation


Artistic CV

  seit 1997   Studied new artistic media with Prof. Ulrike Rosenbach,
Prof. Horst Gerhard Haberl and Prof. Christina Kubisch
at the Saar Academy of Fine Arts, Saarbrücken.
  seit 1997   Since her diploma in performance art she works as performer, video-designer and voice-performer for different companies in the fields of dance, theatre and performance art in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands (Agora/B, MAPA/NL, Faim de siècle/F/USA, Walli Höfinger/Ingo Reulecke/D, ...). Also intensive studies in „Extended Voice Technique“ with various teachers of the Roy Hart Theatre, Shelley Hirsch and at the „Institute for Living Voice" (David Moss/Muziektheater Transparant/B).